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Re: Need html/text to roff/nroff converter

Ivan Shmakov
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>>>>> Emanuel Berg <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
>>>>> Removed) writes:
>>>>> On May 8, 1996 12:30:00 PM UTC+5:30, Cari D. Burstein wrote:

[Cross-posting to news:comp.text.xml, just in case.]

>>> Hi, I'm looking for a fairly easy way to convert text or html
>>> informational pages on programs into man pages.


>> did u found a easy way? if so please let me know

> Try

> apropos roff | grep html

> (or "text")

> grohtml (1) - html driver for groff
> post-grohtml (1) - html driver for groff
> pre-grohtml (1) - html driver for groff
> roff2html (1) - transform roff code into html mode
> roff2text (1) - transform roff code into text mode

I believe that these tools are to /produce/ HTML /from/ roff,
while the question was for the other way around.

> Also, groff is not that difficult. You can check out some man page
> and use it as a template. You can view it in Emacs, for example,
> without having to decompress the file. Then just add your own
> paragraphs, syntax patterns, etc. from the HTML file. That would
> work just as well, provided you don't have tons of HTML to convert.

I have an (as of yet unreleased) XSLT 1.0 code which transforms
XHTML into .pod (as used in Perl), which are then easy to
convert into roff manual pages. (And .pod data is surely easier
to author -- and process -- than roff code, BTW.)

This allows me to use Wikibooks to work on the documentation
(thus accepting contributions from anyone able to use a Web
browser), while still following the usual Perl conventions.
Consider, e. g., [1, 2].


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