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Xho Jingleheimerschmidt
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On 10/22/13 06:51, Bernie Cosell wrote:
> is very old and I gather that its use is deprecated.

I don't think I'd be keen to use any module that was not old enough and
widely used enough to accumulate a few neurotic haters.

> Is there a
> better/newer package for handling the CGI interface between Perl and the
> web server? We use it both ways: to parse the incoming variables [and
> cookies] and to generate the outgoing HTML. Our needs are pretty simple:
> just those two functions. It seems to work, and we really haven't had any
> trouble, but see more and more reports that one should *never* use
> And so : if not, what to use instead? THANKS!!

I have no plans to stop using CGI, because my needs on that front are
also very simple and it mostly serves them well. And it is pure perl,
so if worst comes to worst you can run your own copy of it until support
for Perl 5 completely goes away.

On the other hand if I were learning from scratch, I might pick
something different to learn. The problem is there are so many flavors
of the day, how would you pick the one for it to be?

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