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Re: Using Html Tidy

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Jeff Wisnia wrote, on 01st Aug. 2013 05:29 UTC + 2 :
> After many years of writing and editing personal web pages by using
> first Netscape and recently SeaMonkey as page editors, I started paying
> serious attention to what the source code for those pages of mine looked
> like. Those pages appeared OK when viewed with popular browsers, but the
> source codes for all of them were horrible messes.
> There was a huge amount of obvious duplication of starting and end1ng
> commands like <small> and </small> which sure looked to me like they
> were not needed.
> Also, there is lots and lots of "white space" between sections of html
> source code.
> Someone suggested I try an online HTML checker/repairer called "HTML
> Tidy" located at:
> When I check one of my "Messy" homemade html files with that program It
> usually reports zero "errors" but lists hundreds of "warnings."
> If I save the "checked" file and then check it again with the same HTML
> Tidy program it reports the same zero "errors" but the number of
> "warnings" drops to only a couple.
> And, the size of that program's source code usually drops to half or
> less of what it started as.
> My curious mind is wondering, why do I have to run the source file
> through "HTML tidy" twice to reduce the number of "warnings"?
> Thanks guys,
> Jeff
> Jeffry Wisnia
> (W1BSV + Brass Rat '57 EE)
> The speed of light is 1.8*10^12 furlongs per fortnight.


Another program that is famous for providing that sort of messy HTML is

A while ago (hum ... is that a correct expression ?), I used NVU, that
did not exempt from knowing HTML and having a look at the code provided,
but could provide comfort compared to writing the whole HTML code in a
text editor.

NVU does not evolve any more, but other projects have taken the
following, as Kompozer and BlueGriffon, which I did not try as I was
invited to use an IDE, which gets out of the cope because of the
platform used.


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