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Re: How do I set my internet time check interval

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On 7/19/2013 10:06 AM, Cyborg-HAF wrote:
> In my old Windows XP 32-bi I used Atom Time a shareware
> program to keep my Computer's time up to date. I use my computer's
> clock to set all my clocks when power failure loses clocks time
> settings. I now run Windows 7 64-Bit and Atom Time won't work in this
> OS. I have my setting for Internet Time to check for proper time but
> there is no setting in Time And Date settings to get a more than once
> every 10 days that I used to set for once a day in XP. Is there any
> setting in Window 7 64-bit to set a more often interval for automatic
> checks of time accuracy?

Windows time is not very accurate.

Set up NTP using Meinberg. It is free:

Don't fall into the trap that setting the clock more often means more
accuracy. You really have to work at getting accurate time. Just use the
default settings at first. The default should easily get you accurate to
under 30ms RMS. With tweaking, maybe 10ms RMS.

In theory, NTP is not effected by ping time. Jitter is another story,
though some people say it doesn't matter either. So if you want to go
one step beyond the defaults, you can find a NTP server that is close to
you and has consistent ping time. There are several NTP server lists on
the internet, easily found with a search. Besides a repeatable ping
time, I also look at how many hops it takes to get to the NTP server.
(Yes I know this won't be a consistent number, so don't lecture me how
the internet works.) You can run tracert to see the hops. I use some
server farms near my house for the NTP servers. Depending where you
live, you may have a university nearby that has a NTP server.

If you really want to tune your clock, go to this website and set up the
monitoring programs.

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