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Re: How do I set my internet time check interval

Robert Carnegie
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On Friday, 19 July 2013 18:06:16 UTC+1, Cyborg-HAF wrote:
> In my old Windows XP 32-bi I used Atom Time a shareware
> program to keep my Computer's time up to date. I use my computer's
> clock to set all my clocks when power failure loses clocks time
> settings. I now run Windows 7 64-Bit and Atom Time won't work in this
> OS. I have my setting for Internet Time to check for proper time but
> there is no setting in Time And Date settings to get a more than once
> every 10 days that I used to set for once a day in XP. Is there any
> setting in Window 7 64-bit to set a more often interval for automatic
> checks of time accuracy?

indicates (for Windows Vista) that there's a registry setting that
normally represents 7 days counted in seconds.

instead recommends using something called "TimeSyncTool" instead of
having the time server checked by Windows.

<> appears to be Microsoft's
advice - something about setting a minimum and maximum interval
between polls instead being a better idea.

Or, play with the "w32tm" command and see what happens. I wouldn't...
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