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Re: Eye Test

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On 6/24/2013 6:39 PM, Alan Browne wrote:
> On 2013.06.24 18:19 , Dudley Hanks wrote:
>> Trying to get sparkly eyes from a dog like Mich is proving more
>> difficult than I'd thought it should be.
>> If I use a fill flash, the eyes go demonish or blotchy. If I
>> just use natural light, they tend to appear rather
>> dull.
>> Today, I tried using a reflector, but from what I've been told,
>> they still don't look that great.
>> Any comments on how to get nice, flashy eyes in a canine
>> portrait?

> The reflector or flash should be well off axis from the lens - as long
> as there is a path from the flash to the eye, it will show in the eyes
> and photo. On the camera, of course you get red-eye.
> The key light was about 70 degrees wrt the lens axis.
> The fill light was behind me (and set about 2 stops down from the key -
> I was blocking about 1/3 of that (large octogon)) in the 2nd 2 shots.
> Outdoors, it may be harder to get that contrast, however. You can shoot
> in the shade and warm it up in PS after the fact.

Look at the sparkle in the eyes of the golden.
I will ask about the lighting. the golden is my daughter's dawg.

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