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Re: Problem with the "for" loop syntax

Oscar Benjamin
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On 20 June 2013 04:11, Cameron Simpson <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> I use vi/vim and it both shows the matching bracket when the cursor
> is on one and also have a keystroke to bounce the curser between
> this bracket and the matching one.
> If you suspect you failed to close a bracket, one approach is to
> go _below_ the syntax error (or right on it) and type a closing
> bracket. Then see where the editor thinks the opening one is.

I use this technique sometimes and it works if the unclosed bracket is
still in view.

If you use vim then you can do [( i.e. type '[' followed by '(' in
normal mode. It will jump backwards to the first unmatched opening
bracket. Use ]) to find the next unmatched closing bracket. You can
also do [{ and ]} for curly brackets. I'm not sure how to do square
brackets - [[ and ]] are used for navigating between functions.

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