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Re: Problem with splice in a 2D ARRAY

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for my $r (0..$#old) {
my $row = $old[$r];
for my $c (0..$#$row) {
$new[$c][$r] = $$row[$c];

I'm not sure it's possible to do that any more elegantly, given that you
can't take a slice vertically through a 2d array.


Well, that does a tansposition, and after that is posible to do the
column swap:

my @xy = @new;

for $y (0,1){
($xy[0][$y],$xy[1][$y]) = ($xy[1][$y],$xy[0][$y]);

and redo the transposition. Or directly,

for $x (0,1){
($xy[$x][0],$xy[$x][1]) = ($xy[$x][1],$xy[$x][0]);

Anyway, it could be done without splice. Thank you, I'll try to resume
it to work with randomized small square matrix.

Best regards,

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