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Re: Is there a better way than this?

Jürgen Exner
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Dave Stratford <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>The Outcode however, has six possible formats, excluding some odd ones
>that I know I won't have to worry about: A9, AA9, A99, AA9, A9A and AA9A.
>My requirements are to extract the initial letter(s) from the outcode. So
>if a user entered HP13, I want to extract just the HP, equally if they
>emtered WC1A, I want just the WC.
>My current code, which works perfectly fine, looks like this:
> my $oc = substr($outcode,0,2);
> my $ocr = substr($oc,1,1);
> $oc = substr($outcode,0,1) if ($ocr =~ /\d/);

Trust the magic of REs (untested):
$outcode =~ /(\D*)/;
$oc = $1;

Or maybe
$outcode =~ /(\w*)/;
$oc = $1;

As long as the outcode is valid both variations should yield the same
result. Only if you have a non-valid code then they will return
different results.

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