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DTS Transformation Error: "Transaction context in use by another session."

Axel Dahmen
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today I've had a strange DTS error: In one of my transformations I'd been
using several Copy Column transformations + one ActiveX transformation using
a lookup function. This lookup function uses a second connection to the same
SQL server but to a different database. I'm using this function to populate
a new column in a table with calculated values.

The transformation didn't run, I got an "Transaction context in use by
another session." error, which seems to be quite popular. I found the
solution for that error in Google quickly. But I'm not satisfied with the

If I uncheck the "Join transaction if present" checkbox, this task no longer
runs in my transaction context. This is definitively not what I want. I
guess it's a bug in SQL Server 2000.

Can someone, who has experience with SQL Server 2003, please tell me if MS
got rid of this problem in SQL Server 2003? So is it worth to migrate in
this sense?

Axel Dahmen

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Axel Dahmen
Posts: n/a
.... Sorry, wrong NG!!

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