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Re: Question about ast.literal_eval

Frank Millman
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On 20/05/2013 09:55, Carlos Nepomuceno wrote:
> ----------------------------------------
>>> Why don't you use eval()?

>> Because users can create their own columns, with their own constraints.
>> Therefore the string is user-modifiable, so it cannot be trusted.

> I understand your motivation but I don't know what protection ast.literal_eval() is offering that eval() doesn't.

Quoting from the manual -

"Safely evaluate an expression node or a string containing a Python
expression. The string or node provided may only consist of the
following Python literal structures: strings, bytes, numbers, tuples,
lists, dicts, sets, booleans, and None."

The operative word is 'safely'. I don't know the details, but it
prevents the kinds of exploits that can be carried out by malicious code
using eval().

I believe it is the same problem as SQL injection, which is solved by
using parameterised queries.


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