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Zombie HotSpot Won't Stay Deleted

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I have an EnGenius USB wifi adapter and it seems to work better than the
built in wifi in my laptop. At some locations I have a problem with a
connection forming to one provider which doesn't work properly anymore.
There are other hotspots available that do work ok. But it
automatically connects to the one that doesn't work anymore.

I have tried lowering the priority, turning off automatic connection and
even deleting it from the list for this adapter, but it seems to keep
getting brought back from the dead.

I was able to delete this hotspot from the profile for the built in wifi
adapter and it stays deleted.

Anyone seen this before? I'm running Vista with SP2 on a Toshiba with
an Athlon XP.

I hope you don't mind the crossposting. None of these groups seem very
overused so I thought I'd up my chances of getting some help.


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