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Re: pointer doubt (1)

Ken Brody
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On 5/8/2013 2:46 PM, rashan wrote:
> Can ne1 explain me the difference between.... a NULL pointer ... and a
> VOID pointer.

Well, I'm not sure who this "ne1" person is, but I'll take a shot...

"What is the difference between an empty box and a cardboard box?"

Now, assuming you meant a "null pointer" and a "void pointer" (using ALL
CAPS for emphasis)...

A "null pointer" is a pointer, of any type, which points to nothing. (It
"points" to a special location, which can be referred to as NULL, which has
a special meaning of "nowhere".)

A "void pointer" is a specific *type* of pointer -- one which can point to
*any* type of value.

Note that a pointer can be both a "void pointer" and a "null pointer":

void *foo = NULL;

In short, a "null pointer" is a pointer which contains a specific *value*,
whereas a "void pointer" is a pointer of a particular *type*.

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