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cannot find symbol?
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> What is the possible set of command line args?
Any kind (of Unix-like) command line argument a java program would use at
start up
> Can the arg count change per invocation?

For invocations -relating to a different code base-, yes. Not only the count,
but the type as well. We talked already to some extent about what I had in mind
~ regexp(ing) Backus-Naurish expressions ...
The reason why I went for this generics + reflection kind of juggling, is
because I just want for the user to define the object using a 0-argument ctor
and then code herself the sanity checks, marshalling and conditions in the
"set context" (setCtxt) method instead of using Constructor.newInstance(),
because I am avoiding having to deal with specific getDeclaredField(...),
setAccessible(...) conditioning cases inside of that code
Again, I went monkey because I am still not 100% clear about how to make
generics and reflection dance well together in such cases. That code as it is
works just fine for now. I may have to refactor/improve it in another iteration
> AFAIAA a main program can't 'return' anything, when it returns it's
> finished. How do you see your users using your application?

That was just some "proof-of-concept" example. Of course, you can use it outside
of a static context
> What I find probably more annoying is his ripping apart of threads.

Again, as I explained I post usenet messages using some java code, which seems
not to keep replies within the same threads. How do you post your comments? WHich
library do you use?
> Then how does the code know how to parse the command line?

That part of the code was straightforward. I just had my doubts about the
declarative DTO creation part
> Why XML? You've simply traded one syntax for another.

not exactly. XML is very easy when it comes to interchanging and addressing; say:
* you are coding and instead of having some auto complete based on the API you
want to refer it to the company code base
* you would keep all the code base in an XML dababase and code triggers to
alert when some code seems to be a good candidate for refactoring based on
some metrics ...
> It's symbol
> names, comment, and examples that help humans comprehend the meaning,
> not (just) structure and syntax.

for symbol names, comment, and examples, since they would be other
kinds of data, separate korpora should be used. Of course, with some
pointers among all corpora to establish concordance
> > 2) turn the XML using XSLT into "company/socially acceptable/SSCCE/maintenance
> > friendly" code

> Would that XSLT translate "DTO_T_Ctxt" into an understandable token?

If the big wigs so chose. The best thing about it is you wouldn't care, nor would
you waste time trying to norm people and politicizing. philosophizing about it
> > 3) there may be certain things a bit hard to code for out. GUI would be a nice
> > aid

> I'm not sure what you mean by this.

People like movies, you know, so they like to "see something". Say you have clients
with some RFEs and you map the texts relating to previous specs (everything must be
in corpora) to the verbal descriptions of what they want, from there to the code ...
> On the other hand, if a single mother came to you, told you she was
> hungry and needed money for drugs, you'd probably feel somewhat
> compelled to explain that drugs won't fix her hunger.

I meant single mothers in a cashier line noticing the math doesn't work in their favor
There is more than code and algorithms out there in real like
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