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Re: How to avoid PEP8 'imported but unused'

Fábio Santos
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I usually do this on pyflakes:

import whatever
assert whatever # silence pyflakes

Pyflakes and pep8 have no way of knowing django will import and use your
module, or whether you are just importing a module for the side effects, so
they issue a warning anyway. Assert'ing counts as using the module, so it
counts as an used import.

On 5 May 2013 17:05, "Adam Jiang" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> I am new to python. Now, I am woring on an application within Django
> framework. When I checked my code with pep8 and pyflakes, some warning
> messages show up-'Foobar imported but unused'. Obviously, it indicates
> that some modules are imprted to current module but never get
> references. However, it seems the message is wrong in this case:
> # file:
> urlpattens = patterns(
> '',
> url('^signup/$', 'signup')
> }
> # file:
> def signup(request):
> return ...
> # file:
> import signup from register
> The warning message is shown in file It seems to me that the
> code is okay because Django requires all functions serve as 'view' is
> typically go into 'import' is about get 'signup' function
> into module ''. Or, I am totally wrong? Is there a proper way
> to avoid this warnning?
> Best regards,
> /Adam
> --

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