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Re: GPS for Nikon

David Taylor
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On 28/04/2013 01:37, Eric Stevens wrote:
> I've been looking around and am disconcerted to find that all GPS
> units seem to have a spotty reputation. Problems seem to include slow
> satellite and position acquistion if the camera has been moved since
> last time, errors in elevation, difficulty in crossing the equator
> etc. Then there is their effect on battery life if you leave them
> turned on.
> I know that only people with a grouch tend to write reviews but surely
> they can't be as bad as I have read.
> I'm primarily looking for a GPS to tag my photographs so that 2 years
> down the track I know which city I took them in. I need a fast start
> up when I haul the camera out so that the rest of the mob has not
> disappeared before my camera is ready to take a photograph.
> I will be using a Nikon D300 and will be interested in hearing of
> other people's experience and comments.

Slightly round-about, I take a Garmin GPSmap 60 CSx round always (it is
clipped to my belt) and I use GeoSetter to tag the photos after the
event. It relies on the camera time being reasonably accurate, so I
usually take a photo of the GPS once per day to be able to offset the
camera time in GeoSetter. The SmartPhone and the iPad usually don't
require this as they have GPS built-in, as does my newer bridge camera.
I would rather not have a bulk add-on to the D300 (or in my case, the
compact D5200).
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