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dynamic forms generation

andrea crotti
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We are re-designing a part of our codebase, which should in short be
able to generate forms with custom fields.

We use django for the frontend and bottle for the backend (using CouchDB
as database), and at the moment we simply plug extra fields on normal
django forms.

This is not really scalable, and we want to make the whole thing more

So ideally there could be a DSL (YAML or something else) that we could
define to then generate the forms, but the problem is that I'm quite
sure that this DSL would soon become too complex and inadeguate, so I'm
not sure if it's worth since noone should write forms by hands anyway.

Between the things that we should be able to do there are:
- dependent fields
- validation (both server and client side, better if client-side
- following DRY as much as possible

Any suggestions of possible designs or things I can look at?

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