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Re: Telecom/Xtra/Yahoo Spam

Ralph Fox
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On Sat, 13 Apr 2013 14:15:25 -0700 (PDT), notxtra wrote:

> Whats with the forcing the user to change their password? Surely if
> it is straight UCE then that doesn't stop it coming in? It might
> stop it being sent via an account but they haven't declared that
> that is the problem particularly when the current reports indicate
> one poor sod getting 20 emails a minute as spam.

Is this an echo of the issue from February?

The problem in February was quite clearly compromised Xtra/Yahoo
email accounts being used to send spam.

Back in February I received several pieces of spam email send from
friends' Xtra/Yahoo email accounts which had been compromised. The
spam stopped when the friends changed their passwords. This prevented
the spammers from continuing to (ab)use their email accounts.

If you were asked to change your password, most likely there was a risk
that your email was compromised. Changing your password is not to stop
you receiving spam, it is to stop your contacts receiving spam from your
account. Back in February I understand Xtra/Yahoo invalidated the
passwords on a number of compromised email accounts, which prevented the
spammers from using these accounts and required the users of these email
accounts to change the passwords.

Kind regards
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