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Re: How to subclass a family

Devin Jeanpierre
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On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 5:44 AM, Antoon Pardon
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Now of course I could subclass every class from the original family
> from Foo1 to Foon but that would mean a lot of duplicated code. Is
> there a way to reduce the use of duplicated code in such circumstances?

As a rule, if there's duplicate code you can stuff it in a function.

def create_subclass(Foo):
class Far(Foo):
def boo(self, ...)
do something different
if whatever:
super(Far, self).boo(self, ...)
return Far

Far1 = create_subclass(Foo1)
Far2 = create_subclass(Foo2)

Of course, this doesn't preserve the names of the subclasses properly.
To do that you can add a parameter, for the name, although this is a
little repetitive. Alternatively you can subclass yet again, as in:

class Far1(create_subclass(Foo1)): pass

Or you can even change the approach to a class decorator that adds a method:

def add_method(cls):
def boo(self, ...):
do something different
if whatever:
super(cls, self).boo(...)

class Far1(Foo1): pass

class Far2(Foo2): pass

As a wise man once said, TIMTOWTDI.

-- Devin
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