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Re: Wireless Networking: PCI-E vs USB

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On 5/04/2013 4:55 p.m., Crash McBash wrote:
> I have a PC running Win 7 which is currently connected to my home
> network via an ethernet cable. I am looking to move this PC away from
> the router so some form of WIFI connection will be needed - and there
> is no such capability built in to the motherboard.
> The PC has PCI, PCI-E and USB 2.0 capabilities. Looking at various
> websites it looks like PCI and USB are the options - but what are the
> relative merits? Speed and reliability are paramount. Price seems
> not an issue as the most expensive hardware I saw was under $80.
> TIA,

I wouldn't bother putting a card in it.
There are some mini usb wifi adapters around now which would save you
having something sticking out of the usb port.

Otherwise you also have the option of a mini wireless router in bridge
mode on the ethernet port,

or ethernet over power line

I use all these methods for voip, media players, printers etc, the usb
is probably easiest for a pc

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