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strange information from trace / getting performance information using WebRequest and StreamReader

z. f.
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i have wep application.
i try to investigate performance issue.
so first i built a windows application that makes http requests to my pages and show me the time taken to receive the page and it's size.
the windows app uses a WebRequest and StreamReader to receive the http request.
the strange information is for a page that took to receive about 218 ms
i enabled the trace in the web.config of my pages, and trace logged and watched through trace.axd.
when i examine the trace information i have this table of information:

Trace Information
Category Message From First(s) From Last(s) Begin Init End Init 0.000297 0.000297 Begin PreRender 0.000911 0.000615 End PreRender 0.153830 0.152919 Begin SaveViewState 0.171056 0.017225 End SaveViewState 0.171581 0.000526 Begin Render 0.171640 0.000059 End Render 2.629846 2.458206

how can it be that the end render took 2.4 seconds while the client got the page in 218ms?

what is the problem here.
i will recheck my information with a third party tool.
the 218ms if for a webRequest.GetResponse to return.
i guess is that the function returns after the asynchronous request returns.
so what might be the cause to the time differencets?

i will point that extra time is occur for the reader.ReadToEnd() function.
if the response is chunked (http transfer-encoding:chunked) or if the response if flushed several time, should this cause the reader.ReadToEnd to perform extra time, isn't the data already there? might the webRequest.GetResponse returned before all the request was received?

TIA, z.

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