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Re: What is >?

Victor Bazarov
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On 3/26/2013 10:37 AM, Blake McBride wrote:
> I have an old editor written in C++ that I am trying to comple. It
> gives me an error on an operator ">?". I searched everywhere in that
> system and it is not defined anywhere. Couldn't find it in any C++ book
> I had. Google can't search on symbols. I believe the left and right
> arguments are int's. So it looks like this:
> lbuf = lbuf >? x;
> xda = 0 >? cda;
> indent = indent >? 0;
> This construct is used in several places. It don't think it is noise
> becasue ">" is used elsewhere without "?".

It was (is?) a gnu C (and probably C++) extension that acted (acts?)
similarly to the ternary operator.

a >? b --> (a > b ? a : b)

a <? b --> (a < b ? a : b)


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On Tue, 26 Mar 2013 09:48:46 -0500, Blake McBride wrote:

> Thanks! Not being great at C++, can someone give me a definition of
> that operator to do what is shown below?

Please do not top-post.

expr1 ? expr2 : expr3 returns expr2 if expr1 is true, and expr3
otherwise. So

>> a >? b --> (a > b ? a : b)

returns a if a is greater than b, and b otherwise, i.e. the same as
std::max(a,b); likewise

>> a <? b --> (a < b ? a : b)

returns the same as std::min(a,b).

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