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Dictation software that works

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I'm a translator (written speech to written speech). Most of the work I do is in one of the romance languages I speak (Spanish, French, Italian) to English. Note the "to" direction: I need to do a lot of English language dictation. Yes, I've been typing for 40+ years, but it's still a PITA and I could go a lot faster if I could just speak English and have the computer type it out.

The Windows speech analyzer that comes with Windows7 is not very good. In fact I am using it right now. It requires me to speak very slowly to be as accurate as possible, yet still misses many words and gets many multisyllabic words wrong (like in this sentence).

I hear people talking about Dragon Naturally Speaking. Is it any better than the windows software? Does it have support for operating system commands? Are there any other translators out there who use dictation software who can maybe help me?

Are there any other transcription software packages available other than the default Windows package and Dragon?

It would be a huge advantage if this software were to understand languages other than English. Has anyone found one of those?

Thank you in advance for all your help.
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