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Re: What freeware for screenshot video & ambient audio capture onWinXP?

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Banter wrote on Sun, 17 Mar 2013 18:39:09 +0000:

> Which of these do you guys recommend for the following purpose:
> a) Works on older (slower) WinXP laptop, IBM A3p
> b) Captures a screen area and ambient audio (via external microphone)
> c) Easy to use for a kid and saves to a convenient format (avi?)

Does your PC have a web cam?
Does it matter if the video has a manufacturer's watermark?
Do you need to edit the video & add descriptive text?
Do you wish to record the mouse cursor?
Does frame rate matter (1 FPS for time lapse video, or 30 FPS)?
Must you export out of the program to an avi or mp4?
Would a java applet or web based recording application suffice?
Would a 5-minute maximum for the freeware suffice?

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