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Pointer to function inside struct

James Kuyper
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On 03/21/2013 07:14 PM, � wrote:
> On Friday, 22 March 2013 00:03:28 UTC+2, James Kuyper wrote:
>> On 03/21/2013 04:45 PM, �� Tiib wrote:
>>> Oh that 13.3 is only heating you up on the true thing that is yet to come
>>> (14.8.3).

>> The only thing that 14.8.3 says about the signature is that it's the
>> only aspect of a function template specialization that is needed in
>> order to resolve overloading. The actual description of overloading in
>> that section is entirely in other terms - again, it's hard to see how
>> confusion about what a function signature is could prevent proper
>> understanding of 14.8.3.

> Ok, you won. My bad. I did not think that way. For me it just feels
> too natural that signature contains name. How else? What I write
> when I sign something? My name. But I am not native English
> speaker so some nuance of the term has been possibly "lost in
> translation" and the term is less clear in English.

It never even occurred to me that the term "signature", as used in C++,
had anything to do with the ordinary English use of the term. I didn't
see any connection, and even now that I have a more accurate
understanding of what it means, the connection seems very weak. I have
no idea how I came by my misunderstanding of what the term means in C++,
but the fact that there are so many places where my misunderstanding
fails to cause any problems probably played a key role in that process.
James Kuyper
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