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How to split an animated GIF into separate GIFs on Linux usingfreeware

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On 03/03/2013 03:17 PM, Mayayana wrote:
> Irfan View can do that on Windows.

On Linux IrfanView runs under Wine with no problems

I don't know of
> a Linux alternative, but if you don't find one you
> like then you might want to install WINE and run Irfan
> View in that. It's a free program that's very well put
> together, is only a few MB in size, and has a remarkable
> amount of functionality as an image viewer and editor.
> (If I were to vote for the all-around best program in
> the history of Windows, it would be Irfan View. Not
> because it's better than any other program, but because
> for what it does the size, stability, functionality, etc.
> are all as good or better than any other program I can
> think of.)

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