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Re: need for help

Dave Angel
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On 03/01/2013 01:35 PM, leonardo selmi wrote:
> hi guys
> i typed the following program:
> class ball:
> def _init_(self, color, size, direction):
> self.color = color
> self.size = size
> self.direction = direction
> def _str_(self):
> msg = 'hi, i am a ' + self.size + ' ' + self.color + 'ball!'
> return msg
> myball = ball('red', 'small', 'down')
> print my ball
> Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "/Users/leonardo/Documents/", line 11, in <module>
> myball = ball('red', 'small', 'down')
> TypeError: this constructor takes no arguments
> can you kindly tell me what is wrong?
> thanks a lot!

1) please pick a useful subject line. Every message "needs help". But
yours might be something like "constructor takes no arguments"

2) please tell us Python version you're targeting. I'm assuming 2.7

3) Thank you for giving a full traceback error message. Much better
than an image file, or just paraphrasing, as many do. And thanks for
posting as a text message, so your formatting doesn't get trashed.

When I run the program, I get:

davea@think2:~/temppython$ python
File "", line 13
print my ball
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Which is caused by having a space in the middle of the myball variable.

After fixing that, I get your error, which is triggered by misspelling
__init__ (you omitted one of the underscores at each end).

After fixing that, I get

davea@think2:~/temppython$ python
<__main__.ball instance at 0x7f330da5bbd8>

which is triggered by the same error in the __str__ method. These
special methods are sometimes called dunder methods, because they all
need double underscores, at both front and back.

davea@think2:~/temppython$ python
hi, i am a small redball!

The other thing you should fix is the class definition line. You forgot
to derive your class from object, which makes your class an old style
one, deprecated for many many years. Doesn't matter here, but sooner or
later it will. And Python 3 supports only new-style classes, so you
might as well be using them.

class ball(object): #new style class

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