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WinXP turns off..

Robert Baer
Posts: n/a
Paul wrote:
> Robert Baer wrote:
>> Paul wrote:
>>> Robert Baer wrote:
>>>> Robert Baer wrote:
>>>>> Start: line power off (physical power bar switch; true off).
>>>>> Turn on power bar, push power "switch" on computer, computer powers
>>>>> up.
>>>>> BIOS goes thru its thing, see Windows "logo" with green scanning
>>>>> squares
>>>>> along near-bottom "bar".
>>>>> After a little while, CRT goes off and even tho computer fan still
>>>>> runs,
>>>>> the computer is in effect off.
>>>> ..Well, almost off.
>>>> NO signal to the CRT.
>>>> But the HD is quite busy for a while, then rests, then busy, rest, 3
>>>> or 4 times.
>>>> So _something_ is going on.
>>>> Putting the HD on another computer,the files are all there and look to
>>>> be complete (names and sizes).
>>>> For ducks, added AUTOEXEC.BAT and AUTOEXEC.NT with ECHO ON and
>>>> comments and pauses and DIR before the last PAUSE.
>>>> Well, M$ in its infinite wizDUMB lied as to use of those files: the
>>>> .BAT is good ONLY for OSes up to and including Win98SE and NO OS uses
>>>> the .NT file.
>>>> So, need a way to (interactively?) trace OR log what is going on; log
>>>> methinks can be written to the HD C:\IRMA.LOG or something
>>>> recognizable.
>>>> Ideas?
>>> "Safe Mode - Enable boot logging
>>> This option turns on logging when the computer is started
>>> with any of the Safe Boot options except Last Known Good Configuration.
>>> The Boot Logging text is recorded in the Ntbtlog.txt file in the
>>> %SystemRoot% folder."
>>> You press F8 at startup, to get into Safe Mode.
>>> HTH,
>>> Paul

>> Only "Safe Mode" and "Boot logging" puts info into that .TXT file;
>> "Safe Mode" does not write much and only a few items are not loaded.
>> However.........."Boot Logging" writes about ten times as much and
>> most of it is "not loaded" junk with a LOT of duplicate entries.
>> Will wipe the drive and start over, as there is no clue as to the
>> cause of the problem.

> You're supposed to tell me, what the last item in Ntbtlog.txt is
> And it's not the last item that is the failing one. It's the one
> after it, which died before a log entry could be written.
> Using the last entry, you Google that, then look for hints as to
> what might have come after it.
> Paul

Too late now..Have it re-loaded via the R / repair option offered
during first part of install procedure.
That option _looks_ like one is starting from scratch, even the
product serial # is required. But all programs and data are retained (nice).
Now when have the time i will have to power it up with an internet
connection, update Avast! and do a full scan of the computer.

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