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Re: FYI: AI-programmer

Robin Becker
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On 22/02/2013 19:21, Ian Kelly wrote:
> Indeed, it seems to me that this is basically Richard Dawkins' weasel
> program, with the addition of a transformation step in the fitness
> function that amounts to running the string through a Brain****
> interpreter. There is a rather large gap between this and getting
> computers to generate programs that do anything interesting.

this has been done before over and over


I think if the OP could get his brainf*ck algorithm to produce a self printing
program in brainf*ck that would be quite amusing, but for real advances I
suggest he makes it generate itself. His fitness is fairly silly since it has no
idea of fitness except success; minimizing the cpu/memory/program length etc etc
are all additional measures that could be added/used.
Robin Becker

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