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Re: intX.__str__() ??

Ethan Furman
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On 02/24/2013 07:46 AM, Removed) wrote:> Hi guys,
> Question. Have this code
> intX = 32 # decl + init int var
> intX_asString = None # decl + init with NULL string var
> intX_asString = intX.__str__ () # convert int to string
> What are these ugly underscores for? _________________str___________________

This is a good example of why you shouldn't program language X in language Y.

For starters, `intX.__str__` should be written as `str(intX)`;

For middlers, intX_asString is probably not necessary (is it being printed? then
do a `print intX`, or a `print "size left on disk: %d" % intX`, etc.

For finishers, why the System Hungarian Notation?

intLength1 = 5 # feet
intLength2 = 13 # centimeters
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