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Re: system commands exit 1

Charlton Wilbur
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>>>>> "RA" == R Allen <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

RA> I have noticed that my file perms on this host are strange. For
RA> instance, I can open, write, and save the file, but I cannot
RA> redirect into it (echo "hello perl" > file fails).

Two points --

1. the ability to create or delete a file in a directory is a permission
of the directory, not of the file. See perlfaq5, "Why does Perl let me
delete read-only files?"

2. many shells have a setting that prevents you from accidentally
overwriting a file. In C shell, it's called noclobber. If foo exists,
and this setting is on, echo "text" > foo will fail. This is not a
function of file permissions, but of the shell settings.


Charlton Wilbur Removed)
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Uri Guttman
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>>>>> "BM" == Ben Morrow <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

>> and Perl has been frozen
>> there at 5.8.7 due to EBCDIC-Unicode issues.

BM> Due to IBM not giving a damn.

not that i care about big iron these days (was weaned on them), but p5p
was talking about dropping perl support for ebcdic/z-os but recent
emails seem to show someone willing to help out. can't predict the
outcome or any continuing work.


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