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Re: How to use an Epson GT 15000 Scanner.

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On 2/14/2013 2:46 PM, BML wrote:
> I have an Epson GT 15000 scanner. I also have several thousand
> photographs I would like to digitalise but Iím already in trouble
> because I canít work out how to get the photographs all the same size.
> By that I mean that when I scan the different size photographs they
> appear in different sizes when I open the folder they are in.
> Iím not sure what effect that will have if I ever get to the building a
> slide show stage/
> I know that I will need to burn the results to a CD or DVD because want
> to view the photographs through a DVD/CD player on a TV.
> Actually, Iím donít even know if it is a DVD or CD that I should use to
> put the slide show on.
> I think that the Epson GT 15000 is up to what I want to do but would
> anyone care to comment on its software and if that is up to what I want
> to do.
> If it is not should I be looking at different software?

Anon gave you good advice. Scan at the highest possible resolution.
Should any restoration work be needed, you will have more pixels to work
with. Also, if you scanner software permits, save your images as TIFF
files. Yes, this takes up a lot more room, but drive space is fairly
cheap. If time is a serious issue, be selective, decide just how many
pictures you want of Aunt Mabel at the beach. and do the "important"
images in higher resolution.

Oh! Yes. Try to ignore the technical debate that my very well follow.

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