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Re: I'm sure I saw it :-)

Wolfgang Weisselberg
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      02-11-2013 Removed) <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> Speaking of all those cameras, what kind are they all or more likely, what
> attachments dor they have that makes the body look so huge from the back? Todays
> digital camerals don't use motor drives do they? And I wouldn't suspect that
> they need battery packs. Why are they so big, especially noticeable from the
> back.

As others said, they need lotsa power. Recording,
converting and storing 11 fps is power-intensive. Then
there's the display. Larger is better. Then there's the
fact that most professionals have little need for a daintly
small camera --- the camera must be easy to hold, both in
portrait as in landscape format (which means a big strong
grip to the right and at the bottom). It also balances
better when you use larger lenses.

I.e. it's not only that there's lots of electronics and
batteries to be stored in the body, ergonomics dictate not
to use too small a camera or skimp on handling comfort.
(Just observe what a good battery grip does to a midrange
DSLR ...)

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