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Re: Lumix TZ41 uses Glonass

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On 6/02/2013 8:43 a.m., Alfred Molon wrote:
> Just curious why Panasonic would bring out a camera supporting GPS and
> Glonass (the Russian global positioning system)? Is Glonass better than
> GPS?

The GPS chipset makers probably include GLONASS support in standard
chipsets for cellphones etc. so the functionality is already there.
From Broadcom:

"GLONASS is the Russian equivalent to the U.S. GPS system, and is a
complementary and alternative satellite navigation system. By adding
GLONASS support, the BCM2076 and BCM47511 GPS receivers will have the
ability to use an additional 21 GLONASS satellites currently (24
projected in the future), on top of the existing 30 U.S. GPS satellites,
nearly doubling the number of satellites that can be used for
navigation. In urban areas, many GPS satellites are blocked by
buildings, so the additional 21 satellites offered by the GLONASS system
will provide significant improvements in location performance and
accuracy over currently available GPS receivers."

From a quick search, one of those chipsets is in the Kindle Fire, the
chipset is a "combo" providing Bluetooth, GPS, and FM radio.
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