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Re: pyrudp

Rodrick Brown
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On Jan 30, 2013, at 8:12 AM, Jorge Alberto Diaz Orozco
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> can someone give me a link to download pyrudp.
> I tried here but didn“t worked.
> if someone can give me another idea it will be great to.
> I“m traying to make a reliable udp connection

What about the native socket call to SOCK_DGRAM?

Here is a simple example to read messages of a udp socket.

import socket
UDP_IP = ""
UDP_PORT = 5005

sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, # Internet
socket.SOCK_DGRAM) # UDP
sock.bind((UDP_IP, UDP_PORT))

while True:
data, addr = sock.recvfrom(1024) # buffer size is 1024 bytes
print "received message:", data

> help will be really appreciated
> --

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