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Re: A cool book for c++11 is Published now (Revised Edition)
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Second book on C++11 "C++11 Algorithms Volume 1" is published.

Table of Contents:
Sample Chapter:

@Amazon : (Indian Edition) :

This book is vital to understand algorithms newly introduced in C++11 with the help of practical examples illustrating concepts, variations, customizations and correctness with deep insight into internals with primary focus on effective usage. This book can be read by anyone having some experience in any higher level programming. Beginners in C++ will be able to learn basic concepts of C++11 algorithms with practical examples. Intermediate programmers in C++ will learn foundational aspect of C++11 algorithms in a pragmatic way. Expert programmers(aka C++ hackers) can enjoy interesting variations leading to future of C++11 algorithms(aka C++1y), Boost and beyond.
This book(Volume 1) illustrates following algorithms:

Numeric Algorithms
Simulating for-loop iteration with iota
Customizing iota
Return Type of iota
Compile Time iota
Interesting variations of iota
Quantifier Algorithms
Universal Quantifier(Predicate Satisfiability For All)
Non-Existential Quantifier(Predicate Satisfiability For None)
Existential Quantifier(Predicate Satisfiability For Some)
Unique Quantifier(Predicate Satisfiability For One)
Partition Algorithms
Predicate Based Rearrangements
Partition Structure Validation
Bisection Algorithm
Group Partitions

Recommended Approach
Though this book can be read without reference to any other source, still we recommend our readers to keep a copy of the famous book
The C++ Standard Library, Second Edition : A Tutorial and Reference by Nicolai M. Josuttis handy for gentle introduction to C++11 algorithms followed by diving into respective sections of our book for detailed information.

In-depth treatment of foundational aspect of C++11 algorithms is covered inanother book published by us
Foundation of Algorithms in C++11, Volume 1(Revised Edition) : Using and Extending C++11, Boost and Beyond.

For more details, please visit the link :

Enjoy Reading !

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