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Re: using split for a string : error

Tobias M.
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Chris Angelico wrote:
> I'd not consider the performance, but the correctness. If you're
> expecting them to be integers, just cast them, and specifically
> _don't_ catch ValueError. Any non-integer value will then noisily
> abort the script. (It may be worth checking for blank first, though,
> depending on the data origin.)

Well, when I said you should catch the ValueError I didn't imply you
should ignore the error and supress any error messages. Of course this
depents on the use case. Maybe you want to raise another exception with
a more user friendly error message or you might want to skip the line
and just print a warning.

What I'm trying to say: When I give a script/program to a user who is
not a python programmer I don't want him to see an error message like
"ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'abc'" as this
would help him in no way.
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