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Re: cymbalic reference?

Terry Reedy
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On 1/15/2013 11:56 PM, rh wrote:
> I have this working and I am curious to know how others do same.
> class Abc(object):
> def __init__(self):
> pass
> def good(self):
> print "Abc good"
> def better(self):
> print "Abc better"
> urls = {'Abc':''}
> strings = ['good', 'better']
> for s in urls:
> o = eval("%s()" % s)
> for string in strings:
> eval("o.%s()" % string)

for s in urls:
o = globals()[s]()
for string in strings:

has same output. eval is seldom needed.
Of course, if you more sensibly use the class or an instance as key
urls = {Abc: ''}
urls = {Abc(): ''}
instead of the name, then o = s() or o = s directly.

> While I'm at it what magic could I use to print "the-class-I-am-in good"
> instead of hard-coding "Abc good"? I tried __class_ and self.__class__

self.__class__.__name__ or type(self).__name__)

Terry Jan Reedy

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