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Python and Blender

Reza Fatahi
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Dear Programmers,

My name is rex and i just finished basic medical science training and
now i am transitioning to computers. I was funded by the NIH for eight
years, and have my PhD in biomedicine. I am looking for a mentor who
can help me transition to become a developer. My goals are to
contribute to the Blender Python API and to develop a web app for the
NIH. I have spent the past year on open courseware and app-making

There are published sequences that can be used to automate 3D
rendering of confocal microscopy files using Blender, along with GIMP
and/or Inkscape:

The goal is to have a single page application where scientists can
upload their .wrl file and the app returns a 3D image or multiple
images of the confocal microscopy. In the future we can add options
such as color etc, but if we get the basic shell I would be able to
write a proposal/plan for further development.

There are some Django templates available that may possibly help to
start, i am looking for anyone interested to develop this single page

Django templates:

If anyone is available as a mentor to assist my transition to a
developer, I live in the Los Angeles area, I can travel and work, and
this would be a dream come true. Please feel free to contact me

email Removed)
phone (81 571-3626

Yours Sincerely,
reza (rex) fatahi
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