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ActiveX/add-ons blocking Page on Website

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"VanguardLH" wrote in message news:kcp184$fds$(E-Mail Removed)...

"Kate" wrote:

> "VanguardLH" wrote ...
>> "Kate" wrote:
>>> Tried Safe Mode first but it cut my internet connection so moving on to
>>> other suggestions and hope to sort the problem.

>> The F8 menu shows you "safe mode" and "safe mode with networking".
>> Since you need to test networking with the web browsers while in safe
>> mode then the 2nd choice is what you should select.
>> Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!
>> When I first went into Safe Mode, it had Network under the other option
>> once
>> opened but nothing happened when I tried it.
>> I just went back to the very beginning and and chose it to open with as
>> you
>> suggested.
>> Newsprint left right and centre. All those weeks of stress, now I can
>> relax.
>> Wonderful, thank you so much.

So something you are loading at Windows startup or upon login is
interferring with use of your web browsers. Time to start listing your
startup items.

While you can use msconfig.exe to list some startup items, SysInternals'
AutoRun will list them all. Some startup locations are rather obtuse to
the average user, like Winlogon events.

Starting in safe mode (with networking) just got rid of whatever was
causing the problem. It doesn't fix the problem unless you're willing
to always reboot into safe mode to eliminate the problem. The problem
is still there when you boot into normal mode for Windows.

Besides the suggestion of disabling all your security software (e.g.,
anti-virus), first I'd try loading the web browsers in their safe mode.
It could be a common add-on or plug-in that is causing the problem. For
example, anti-virus programs may insert an add-on in several web
browsers and if it is interferring with the AX control in one web
browser then it'll probably do the same in the others.

Went to msconfig.exe there are 10 items listed in Start up, three of which
are "Intel(R) Co
In General Tab, clicked Diagnostic start-up, it went directly to Selective
start up.
Chose one item at a time rebooting after each selection. At no time was I
being connected to the Internet until all were ticked and rebooted again.
I know it is difficult to instruct someone by email, especially with my
limited knowledge, and as the actual opening of the script in the Newspaper
on the relevant site is the only problem I have, I think I will have to give
in and just access that in the Safe Networking Mode.

I'm very appreciative of your assistance, thank you again.


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"knightinrustyarmour" wrote in message news:kcqi2e$1k1$(E-Mail Removed)...


It the computer is made by Dell or HP then just
smashit up with a large hammer! IF its made by
some one else or you are really desperate read on

Even though the information you gave was far from
complete i am GUESSing that you are connected to
the internet with some kind of wireless connection
either wifi or one of those mobile network dongle
things seeing as you said you had trouble with
your network when you rebooted this is quite
simply because wireless stuff is often unreliable
and doesnt work as soon as you load up and
probably a laptop/tablet as well (people who use
proper computers tend to use proper conections as
well with wires)??

I am GUESSINGing that YOU are seeing a yellow bar
on top of the screen saying rattling on about
activex controls are needed to run etc If this the
case you must be using internet explorer 8 or 9 as
you stated you are using win7 . Activex contols
are very rarely NEEDED of a site unleess you are
using something that uses trashplayer
(flashplayer) Did the site previously have lots of
moving adverts OR videos of any description before
you lost the connection ??

As you are obviously not a n expert with computers
and it complex instruction may cause further
problems First of all

Check first that the site is not broken either by
trying to get on it from another computer and that
you are actually getting some other sites on the
internet from your own computer (in other words
make sure it really is your computer thats the
problem and its NOT the site or internet
connection thats the problem)

Now IF all my other ASSUMPTIONS are correct
Proceed And click on the "start" button and look
for the "command prompt" (you may find it in
another menu called accessories and possibly
something like "system tools" or similar title.
When you open the command prompt you should see
Just a black rectangle WIth something SIMILAR to
C:\windows\blahblahblah\ with a flashing line
after it.
Then type "ping <fullexactnameofsite>" For
example "ping" or "ping" or ping ""
and press "return" and sit back and observe: and
IF the site is there (not always foolproof) and
you have typed it all correctly there should be a
short delay delay and it will tell you if your
comuter is actually finding the site or not.
IF all goes well you will see several messages
saying firstone saying something like "looking up
<whateversite> at <someIPnumber>
and then you will see four other lines EACH line
saying "pinging <someIPnumber>" and then how long
it takes for the other computer to reply.

I am using a Compaq Laptop with ADSL internet connection
No yellow bar ever at top of screen (saw reference to that on Google and
looked in vain)
I never lost the connection, I was just unable to open the script in the
Newspaper article, (which was the whole purpose of the exercise) everything
else was fine.
You got it, I am far from being an expert.
According to the Library and other family history researches to whom I have
presented the problem, I am the only one have any difficulty.
Tried the Pinging thing on many web pages I use and could not be connected
to any that were prefaced with http:// in fact the only ones that got a
result were the ones you supplied as test pieces.

Very good of you to try to assist, thank you for your responding.


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