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Re: Class confusion

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On 2013-01-09 20:13, Rodrick Brown wrote:
> How can I make a class that has methods with attributes and other
> functions?
> I see a lot of code
> I'm reading the documentation to Redhat's Satellite software which has a
> XMLRPC interface and wrote the following code to test the api.
> I would like to extend this code to support methods with methods? I see
> this done a lot in python code but I'm not sure how to accomplish
> something like this?
> i.e.
> sc = SatelliteConnect()
> sc.get_systemlist().get_systemid() ?
> or
> sc.get_systemlist().get_running_kernel()
> How does one chain methods and attributes like this with classes?



simply means that the method "get_systemlist" returns an instance of
some class (let's call it "SystemList") which has a method

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