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Femtocell incoming calls - Xpost

David WE Roberts
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I am starting the process to try and get a femtocell from 3 because the
voice connection from my house is poor and keeps breaking up.

I am assuming that this runs VOIP to a 3 switch somewhere then gets rolled
over into the main network.

I was wondering if/how it handled incoming calls.

Presumably it will be something like Skype, which presumably must keep a
connection up to the server at all times so that it can take incoming calls
or messages.
[Don't know if it polls several times a second or just keeps up a permanent
connection through the NAT router/firewall to allow incoming calls.]
Also presumably the phone must register to the 3 network via the femtocell
when it is turned on and in range so the call can be routed over the
broadband connection.

I am assuming that it will work - just wondering how.


Dave R

No plan survives contact with the enemy.
[Not even bunny]

Helmuth von Moltke the Elder


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