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numpy has got newtonsmethod?

Usama Khan
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k thanks
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Vlastimil Brom
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2013/1/2 Usama Khan <(E-Mail Removed)>:
> thanks. .
> but how to instal scipy. because its in .rar form. .i have extracted the files to the place where python2.7 is installed. . but everytime i write import sciPy. .it give me error. .
> nd regarding ur question. .
> its a long story telling u why i have just ask this breif question. . anyways thanks . .waiing for ur reply. .
> i just want to iterate my complex equation. .
> how can i import newtonsmethod from numpy as numpy is successfully insalled. .
> --

I assume (based on the traceback you posted), that you are using
windows; in that case you can use the appropriate ready made
installers for SciPy, instead of the source files; see.:

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Steven D'Aprano
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On Tue, 01 Jan 2013 16:42:13 -0800, Usama Khan wrote:

> Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "C:/Python27/", line 4, in <module>
> import scipy # also has log
> File "C:/Python27\scipy\", line 114, in <module>
> raise ImportError(msg)
> ImportError: Error importing scipy: you cannot import scipy while
> being in scipy source directory; please exit the scipy source
> tree first, and relaunch your python intepreter.

Please read the error message. It tells you exactly what you need to do.

You cannot import scipy while being in scipy source directory; please
exit the scipy source tree first, and relaunch your python interpreter.

Do you understand what a source directory is? It is a directory (a
folder) with the source code in it. Leave the scipy directory, and re-
start Python, then try importing scipy.

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Chris Angelico
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On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 11:34 AM, Usama Khan <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> yeah i have read it sir CrisA. .
> thanks . .
> i wish i could make u watch my google search list of last two days nd idm downlaodng list of last two days. .text me ur email id. .i can show u my efforts. .

Well, my "email id" (I presume you mean "email address") is perfectly
visible in the headers of all my posts to this list/newsgroup. But
that doesn't give you the right to email me a list of everything
you've searched for, downloaded, etc. Plus, it wouldn't help your
case; your posts carry no indication that you have learned from your
web searches, so it doesn't matter what you've done. Your posts also
bear no suggestion that you have read esr's excellent article on
asking questions, which is why I reiterated it.

So don't show me your efforts. Show me that you've learned from them.

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