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Re: CGI Question

Charlton Wilbur
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>>>>> "EDG" == E D G <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

EDG> Computer programmers might not be aware that there is
EDG> a particular type of problem that exists within the
EDG> international scientific community.

And it's pretty clear that the "international scientific community"
needs to hire a few minimally competent sysadmins, because it's apparent
taht the "international scientific community" doesn't have the first
clue about network security.

EDG> It has been my personal experience that government officials
EDG> are quite often completely unaware of the existence of these
EDG> communications problems. At least now, some of them here in
EDG> the U.S. are aware that this is the case. Whether or not they
EDG> will be able to, or if they will even attempt to solve these
EDG> major communications problems remains to be seen.

This is because the communications problems are, in fact, nonexistent:
there are dozens of online blog and bulletin board services,, for one. Also, any scientist affiliated with even a
small institution of higher learning will have system administrators and
interns who can set up servers if an actual dedicated server is
necessary (hint: it isn't); and if you need a separate bulletin board,
it is almost certainly for you to pay $25-$50 a month to a company that
knows what it's doing so that they can run it for you than for you,
with your demonstrated history of incomprehension and stubborn
resistance to correction, to attempt to run a software package that was
abandoned by its author as terrible and insecure nearly two decades ago.

You have an AB problem. What you *need* to do is publish information.
What you are *trying* to do is configure WWWBoard. The latter approach
is possibly one of the worst approaches to solving the problem you
actually have, and will create numerous other problems for you and (more
importantly) for others to clean up.


Charlton Wilbur Removed)
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Jim Gibson
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In article <(E-Mail Removed)> , E.D.G.
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> "Charlton Wilbur" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> > And it's pretty clear that the "international scientific community"
> > needs to hire a few minimally competent sysadmins, because it's apparent
> > taht the "international scientific community" doesn't have the first
> > clue about network security.

> I totally agree that this type of effort should be managed by
> professional computer programmers. And the overall effort is in fact moving
> along at two different levels.
> 1. There is this very basic effort that has been discussed here that I
> myself am attempting in part to see what is possible.
> 2. I am attempting to convince governments and NGOs etc. that they need to
> get a formal effort organized that would make it possible for scientists
> around the world to do a better job of providing them with important
> technical information in a timely manner and also in a manner that they can
> understand the information.
> There are already a number of research groups and other resources
> such as on the Internet that are making it possible for
> scientists to compare notes with one another regarding various subjects.
> And they are probably helpful to some extent, especially Wikipedia. But
> they cannot solve the specific problem that I am attempting to deal with
> here. It has too many highly complex issues associated with it for those
> groups to deal with.

You might want to consider using a Perl script replacement for WWWBoard
that has been re-written with security in mind:


I have no experience with either script.

Jim Gibson
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