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Re: flatbed scanner advice

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On Nov 29, 6:21*pm, "Michael D. Berger" <(E-Mail Removed)>
> I need a scanner primarily for old photos, but also for general
> paperwork. *I am thinking of an Epson 700. *Any suggestions?

Do check to see if the manufacturer has drivers that support your OS;
I have an older Epson Perfection Photo 3200 and its Firewire port no
longer is supported on current Mac OS versions ... it still works on
USB2, but takes a 40% hit in slower I/O, which adds up quickly for
more serious scan sizes/resolutions/bit depth.

In general, flatbeds are ok for prints & general paperwork; for
transparencies they're okay too for low resolutions - - for best
results, one really needs to get rid of the glass surface between the
sensor head and the original.

If you have a bunch of 'bulk' stuff that isn't particularly fragile/
treasured, its probably worth your free time & sanity to send it out
to a service instead of doing it yourself.

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