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Re: Multiple parameter packs in function parameters

Zhihao Yuan
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On Friday, November 30, 2012 5:28:07 AM UTC-6, Juha Nieminen wrote:
> Is this valid code, or should it even compile?
> template<typename... Pack1, typename... Pack2>
> void func(Pack1... pack1, Pack2... pack2) {}

This is valid. However, according to, for a function
parameter pack that does not occur at the end of the
parameter-declaration-list (Pack1, here), the type of the parameter
pack is a non-deduced context.

Which means, even for

template <typename... Pack>
void func(Pack... pack, int) {}

Pack is not deducible; only a call (w/o an explicitly specified
template argument list) like `func(1)' works.

> With clang if you try to call it directly with "func()" or "func(5)" you
> get strange and conflicting error messages (in the first case it tells

It seems that clang enforces to deduce the parameter pack that occurs
earlier, while gcc can try those occur latter. Gcc's behavior looks
more reasonable to me.

> 0 parameters.) However, if you call it like "func<int>(5)" then it
> compiles (all parameters are passed as 'pack1'.)

Explicitly filling Pack1, leaving Pack2 zero types.
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