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Re: flatbed scanner advice

Don Wiss
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On Sat, 01 Dec 2012 22:21:40 -0700, Wally <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>On Sat, 01 Dec 2012 12:16:27 -0600, DaveS <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>I had an astronomy program that wouldn't install on my new Win7 laptop.
>>I found out about Oracle VM VirtualBox (free) which allows me to create
>>a virtual PC under Win7. I then installed WindowsXP on that virtual PC,
>>and installed the software (SkyGlobe) into that virtual PC. It works
>>just as if it was the original WinXP computer.

>How did you install the Win XP? Isn't the license tied to a particular

If your Win7 is Pro or higher, you have a free Windows XP Mode included.
This is one way to run a DOS application under a 64-bit OS. You have to
install it under a Virtual PC. It is complicated. See:

Don. (e-mail link at home page bottom).
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On 4/12/2012 3:06 AM, Savageduck wrote:
> On 2012-12-03 05:27:23 -0800, "J. Clarke" <(E-Mail Removed)> said:
>> In article <2012120208452515394-savageduck1@REMOVESPAMmecom>,
>> savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM} says...
>>> On 2012-12-02 08:23:24 -0800, Alan Browne
>>> <(E-Mail Removed)> said:
>>>> On 2012.12.02 11:10 , DaveS wrote:
>>>>> When you register XP after a new install, you are then tying it to a
>>>>> specific computer.
>>>> The WinXP I run under Fusion on the Mac is the same WinXP license I had
>>>> on 2 other machines (serially) and is itself predicated on owning a
>>>> Win98 license (checked from the install CD when installing WinXP).
>>>> Doesn't seem to care what physical machine it is on at all.
>>> Yup!
>>> I have a version of XP running under Fusion on my iMac and on my MBP
>>> 17'' without issue.

>> The "issue" is activation. Once Windows is activated it's generally
>> happy. Microsoft has so many different licensing models that it's
>> difficult to keep track. Some tie a specific copy of Windows to a
>> specific motherboard, others allow it to be transferred to different
>> hardware as long as it is completely removed from the previous hardware,
>> some but not all allow it to be installed as both a real and a virtual
>> system on the same hardware at the same time. Very few if any allow
>> simultaneous activation on different hardware. Many also allow
>> downgrades--a Windows 7 retail license for example also allows you to
>> install Vista or XP using the same key, but you can only use one at a
>> time. Some Windows 7 licenses inlcude a virtual XP license--you can
>> download the virtual XP preconfigured straight from Microsoft.
>> The trouble is that the licensing is so complicated that their own techs
>> can't keep track of it, as a result of which their techs are generally
>> pretty generous about licensing--if you call in with a halfway
>> reasonable story they'll generally give you an activation code even if
>> your particular use violates the license as long as you aren't too
>> egregious about it--they'll generally activate an OEM copy on a
>> different motherboard for example even though that's technically a
>> violation of the OEM license. On the other hand if you've tried to
>> activate the same copy on 20 different pieces of hardware in the past
>> week they'll likely flag the serial number you're using.
>> I'm told that there is a time consideration as well--after some period
>> of months or years in which a serial number has not been reactivated it
>> gets reset in their system so it can be activated again on different
>> hardware--but I have never seen an official statement to that effect.
>> Anyway, XP doesn't care what machine it's running on, but Windows
>> Product Activation does care.

> Just to clarify, I have the same XP installed on a desktop Mac and
> laptop MBP running under virtually under Fusion, but I have never
> attempted to use it on both simultaneously.
> As a matter of fact since I retired in 2009, I have found little reason
> to boot Windows at all, but I have it available if needed.

I had XP on 5 machines without any problems. VL edition
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David Taylor
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On 04/12/2012 00:31, Don Wiss wrote:
> If your Win7 is Pro or higher, you have a free Windows XP Mode included.
> This is one way to run a DOS application under a 64-bit OS. You have to
> install it under a Virtual PC. It is complicated. See:
> Don. (e-mail link at home page bottom).

I recall mentioning this near the start of this thread, but got no
response .....
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