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Server.Transfer and User Controls

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I have created a wizard like set of pages that carries
over data submitted from one page to the next. I have
created a user control (Searchsurveys) that consist of 4
listboxes which is used on page1.aspx. This same
usercontrol is on page2.aspx.

When I use server.transfer to "submit" page1.aspx to
page2.aspx, I had to write the following code in order to
accept the data depending on the page:

Dim sReferringPage As String = Request.ServerVariables
If InStr(sReferringPage, "default", CompareMethod.Text) >
0 Then
strCountry = Request.Form("Searchsurveys:ddCountry")
strLanguage = Request.Form("Searchsurveys:ddLanguage")
strFunction = Request.Form("Searchsurveys:ddFunction")
strDiagnostic = Request.Form("Searchsurveys:ddDiagnostic")
strCountry = Request.Form("Searchsurveys1:ddCountry")
strLanguage = Request.Form("Searchsurveys1:ddLanguage")
strFunction = Request.Form("Searchsurveys1:ddFunction")
strDiagnostic = Request.Form
End If

The reason being is that when I perform the
server.transfer, the usercontrol appends the number "1"
at the end. Is there a way around this?
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