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Re: Creating visual graphics

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Bernie Cosell wrote:
) I'm VERY new to all this, but I've started fooling around with the GD
) package on my win7/pro system [using ActiveState Perl] and it seems simple
) enough that even a dolt like me can manage to do some graphics-generation.
) What I'm wondering if there's some [not too complicated? )] package
) that'd allow "active" graphics. that is, it'd open a window and draw in it
) in some simple way [ala GD, if not GD::Simple )], and I could be typing
) into the command window to mess with things and have the display change.
) Thanks!

I don't think the GD library can output live to the screen.
You'll probably want a Canvas widget/module for that.
Tk::Canvas comes to mind.

SaSW, Willem
Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for any of the statements
made in the above text. For all I know I might be
drugged or something..
No I'm not paranoid. You all think I'm paranoid, don't you !
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