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Re: Getting started with AVR and C

Ben Bacarisse
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John Devereux <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
> [...] I could even abuse the C
> standard - sorry c.l.c - and embed utf8 in the C source code and that
> worked too. (I moved these out into resource files in the end though).

It's not much of an abuse. Multibyte character sequences are permitted
in string literals and may even be converted to wide character strings
as if by the use of the mbstowcs function when appropriate. In C99, the
only trouble is that what encoding is assumed, and what characters are
permitted, is implementation defined. Whilst that's also true in the
latest standard, C11 does add the u8 prefix to produce UTF-8 encoded

It also adds the U (and u) prefix to make Unicode character arrays from
a multibyte character string, but the encoding is still implementation
defined and dependent on the locale (as it should be, I think).

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